Guess who hadn’t had an eye test for three years because she’s scared of anything going in or near her eye?* This girl. Guess who has nightmares about waking up and going blind because her first endo told her that it was basically inevitable she’d end up on dialysis with no legs and no sight?  … More Relief 

They’re taking over.

Who is taking over? The anti-food brigade. The I Quit Sugar brigade.  The paleo brigade. The “gluten is evil” brigade. Every bloody brigade that takes its food philosophy from an uneducated and unqualified celebrity “health expert”. A google search does not a health expert make. This way of thinking is taking over the minds of … More They’re taking over.

I feel everything

I feel everything. I feel the insulin seeping into my body as I press a button on an external organ, pumping in life and stinging as it enters. I feel the guilt as I calculate a dosage that is over “normal”, over what my pump tells me is “correct”. I feel the shame and confusion … More I feel everything

Resolutions…sort of.

I’m a Bridget Jones when it comes New Years Resolutions. I firmly believe they should start on the second of January, and I usually break them on the third, with excuses like “it’s still 2013 somewhere. v. good effort.” So, learning from my past experiences, this year I have decided to set little (a.k.a. achievable) … More Resolutions…sort of.