Guess who hadn’t had an eye test for three years because she’s scared of anything going in or near her eye?* This girl. Guess who has nightmares about waking up and going blind because her first endo told her that it was basically inevitable she’d end up on dialysis with no legs and no sight?  … More Relief 

Owning Up

I’ve just finished Week 4 of uni. This means that I’ve spent the past 4 weeks awkwardly looking around whenever my pump goes off. “What was that noise? Haha yeah who would still have a Nokia 3310?!” (spoiler: that prehistoric beeping noise is me) Owning up to that noise isn’t as simple as saying “Oh, … More Owning Up

Diabetes Camp

This past week I volunteered at the teenage camp for DA VIC. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! What blew me away about this camp is the feeling of ‘normality’ it gave the kids. Throughout the entire camp diabetes was in the background, but it wasn’t shoved in their faces. It was normal to feel low, normal to … More Diabetes Camp