Body Posi Betes

I’ve started a small project on body positivity within diabetes – you can find it here and here. Read below as to why I wanted to start it and what I’m aiming to do! Why Body Posi Betes? Body image and self-love is a struggle for all of us, but when you have diabetes? The … More Body Posi Betes

Diabetes and feminism – yes, it’s a thing

The International Diabetes Federation is running a “Women and Diabetes” campaign this year, and there’s been some rumblings on social media. “I feel so left out” “How many BOYS has this condition” “It reinforce stereotypes of females as the only ones who should/do provide care” “Any theme that appears to negate a particular group’s experience … More Diabetes and feminism – yes, it’s a thing

It’s about time

It’s about time I told you my diagnosis story. This isn’t coming out of the blue – National Diabetes Week is this week, and for the first time there is a part of the campaign exclusively focused on type 1 diabetes, and knowing the early signs of type 1. Their hashtags (well played Diabetes Australia, … More It’s about time


Guess who hadn’t had an eye test for three years because she’s scared of anything going in or near her eye?* This girl. Guess who has nightmares about waking up and going blind because her first endo told her that it was basically inevitable she’d end up on dialysis with no legs and no sight?  … More Relief