PCOS and me

Diabetes is (mostly) an invisible disease, and often hides out in your body in the company of other chronic conditions (because why have ONE thing wrong with your body when you could have lots, am I right?!). I am a master of invisible chronic conditions – it’s like my body is an Invisibility Cloak, and … More PCOS and me

My friend

My friend died yesterday. My friend was witty, generous, intelligent, kind, resilient, talented, empathetic, and brave. My friend died. My friend struggled with her mental health and also had type 1 diabetes. My friend asked for help OVER AND OVER and got moved from hospital to hospital with nobody having the time or the inclination … More My friend

Uncomfortable truths

It’s about time we lay down some uncomfortable truths about disordered eating and diabetes. National Diabetes Week in Australia has the theme of “It’s About Time” for early detection and early treatment of diabetes – an AWESOME campaign! Do you know what I do with awesome campaigns? I piggy back off them. Do you know … More Uncomfortable truths

Pumpless in Paris

There is a gorgeous story that goes around the diabetes online community – Pumpless in Vienna. It shows the power and value of using social media to connect with other PWDs around you. Little did I know that I’d run into my own Vienna-esque situation…not reaching out to the whole DOC, but sending out a … More Pumpless in Paris