Diabetes and Eating Disorders Awareness

Diabetes and Eating Disorders Awareness, or DEDA, is an organisation I help run with two incredible Kiwi women and one fantastic Queenslander. I am the Social Media and Community Manager, due to my obsession with the Internet and ability to talk for hours (knew those skills would come in useful someday).

We are the only organisation in Australasia dedicated solely to supporting and advocating for those with both diabetes and disordered eating. DEDA is a pro-recovery initiative which aims to bring transformation and hope to people with diabetes and disordered eating through support and education.

Basically, we provide constant peer support, and also help others navigate a mental health care system that is convoluted enough for people with “typical” mental health care issues! Through advocacy and working together with organisations and healthcare professionals in our respective countries, we hope that eventually people with an eating disorder and diabetes will be able to get the help they need. There is already work being done on this issue, and hopefully we are able to contribute towards that!

Check it out, we’re proud of it! http://deda.org.nz/