Pumpless in Paris

There is a gorgeous story that goes around the diabetes online community – Pumpless in Vienna. It shows the power and value of using social media to connect with other PWDs around you. Little did I know that I’d run into my own Vienna-esque situation…not reaching out to the whole DOC, but sending out a … More Pumpless in Paris

Low-carb, no carb, whatever-works-carb

Low-carbing is great, except when it’s not. Hear me out. There have been more and more articles, observations, and studies about low-carb and it’s impact on diabetes management filtering through my social media lately. They show the incredible advantages of going low carb (see here for an easy-to-read NY Times article, and here for a study from … More Low-carb, no carb, whatever-works-carb

Euro Hypo

You know when you have one of those hypos where you’re sweating, you’re dizzy, and you can’t speak properly? You know when that happens in a foreign country? UGH. Hypos have been strangely absent for the past few months. I’ve had some little ones, but I’ve always caught them with a well timed gummy bear … More Euro Hypo

Body Posi Betes

I’ve started a small project on body positivity within diabetes – you can find it here and here. Read below as to why I wanted to start it and what I’m aiming to do! Why Body Posi Betes? Body image and self-love is a struggle for all of us, but when you have diabetes? The … More Body Posi Betes