Hypo guilt be gone

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Guilt and hypos don’t mix. Hypos are a fact of life living with diabetes. They can be a slight inconvenience, a massive pain, or debilitating, yet the thing that they all have in common is that they require treatment. Food should NEVER carry guilt, and hypo treatment doubly so. So many of us complain that after treating, there’s a guilt about the amount of sugar we just consumed – fuck that voice in your head!! You are using jellybeans/juice/the contents of your fridge to stop your body from shutting down, and in doing so respecting and loving your body!! How badass is that! Why beat yourself up because your six jellybeans put you over your arbitrary calorie/carb/sugar allowance? Your body is telling you it needs sugar, just like it needs insulin, and your first priority is to listen to it. It would be ridiculous if somebody walked into the pharmacy requesting “low calorie” paracetamol or throat lozenges – you need to treat it with sugar, so do that. Hypos suck – I get it. I hate the feeling of coming back up from a nasty low where I’ve eaten my weight in lollies and I know I’ll be rebounding. But give yourself a break – your body is doing the best it can in that moment. Stop feeling guilty about hypos, or freaking out about weight gain. Your body will settle where it needs to be, and with your help it will settle back to in range blood glucose levels. Hypo treatment isn’t something to feel guilty about, it’s a lifesaver 🙌🏻

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