Make space for us.

So a lot of my rants/ideas/posts are done via Body Posi Betes nowadays, because that’s where the community is for what I’m passionate about! From now on, I’ll share my twice weekly posts on here as well as Instagram and Facebook. If you’re not interested in the intersection of diabetes, body image, mental health, and eating disorders, now would be a good time to unsubscribe. I sincerely hope you don’t though, because the conversations I’m having with our community are already showing me that there are heaps of people out there who are wanting to throw our hat in the ring. People with diabetes need VISIBLE diversity – Just a Little Sugais doing an incredible job re: POC with diabetes, and I think it’s time that a bigger range of bodies and abilities were present as well. We’re not all white thin athletes – let’s open up the space.

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When you have diabetes and you’re looking for a body positive space, you’re often confronted with stigma and shame, instead of kindness and warmth. Open up this space for people with diabetes, and open it up NOW. ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ In our own diabetes community, you are overtly or covertly shamed if you don’t fit into the mould of the "perfect diabetic". Especially when you’re fat, some people in our community see you as letting down the team – “We’re not like THEM”. ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ Then we make our way to the body positivity community – people welcome everyone there right? Yet we encounter so much stigma around diabetes that we’re afraid to speak out, and read constant jokes and wise cracks about the chronic condition we live with every day. ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ Do you know what it’s like to not be welcomed in either space? To feel like you’re an embarrassment on both sides? Do you know what it’s like to have people constantly telling you that YOU’RE the reason our health system is under stress, that your condition is a burden on everyone around you? What’s more, do you know what it’s like to have so much of the wisdom in this community not apply to you? We can’t stop counting our food, sometimes we have to ignore our hunger and fullness cues, and we often have visible diabetes devices hanging off us. We can’t see ourselves in the conversation – and if we do, it’s as the worst case scenario or the butt of the joke. ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ If you think that this body positive movement is only for those who fit into an arbitrary definition of health – your privilege is showing. All people are worthy of respect and deserve to accept and love their bodies, REGARDLESS of their health status. Stop making us the punchline, and open up the room. 💙 ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ Art @traitspourtraits

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