Make way for diabetes

Diabetes. It’s a jealous mofo and a bit of a drama queen. It can’t STAND not being thought about for a bit (at least, mine is! Maybe yours is less diva-esque?). In the past few months, it’s liked to pop up in a few interesting places and make itself known – just so I don’t forget I have it!

  • A lovely big hypo at Châtelet Les Halles – aka where I often change lines and the biggest underground train station in the world. Treating a 1.8 in a wet corridor that smells like urine is living the DREAM I tell you.
  • An unexpected HI before digging into galettes with friends. I dosed and ate them anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Ripping out my Libre when I decided to give my host kid a piggyback.
  • Whenever I’m bolusing and trying to speak French at the same time.
  • An insistent blocked line alarm on the RER (suburban train). I had put my site on my butt cheek….and I had to prime and reconnect on public transport, so the lucky  09:47 commuters got an eyeful. De rien, you’re all welcome.
  • Low battery alarm at 3am in a 12 bed hostel room. My neighbours were not impressed.
  • Accidentally ripping out my pump site on a branch whilst sitting by myself in the early morning admiring beautiful views in Glen Coe. The “FUCK!” definitely disturbed the serenity…
  • At the top of a mountain in the Scottish Highlands
  • At the BOTTOM of a mountain in the Scottish Highlands. One stubborn hypo!

    2.3 and totally worth it
I can’t lie, diabetes sure keeps life interesting – it made me cry with frustration last week (French bureaucracy is the WORST guys, don’t every try to get social security unless you want to spend days of your life filling out forms that promptly get lost). It’s also making me resilient – if you can deal with your diabetes elbowing it’s way into every situation possible, you can deal with pretty much whatever else your body throws at you.

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