Surviving the holidays

This is an article I wrote for DEDA, the organisation I run with three other amazing women who have type 1 diabetes. Have a read if you’re curious about the obstacles that those with an eating disorder and diabetes can face. Happy Holidays! xx


The holiday season when you have an eating disorder is hard.

The holiday season when you have diabetes is hard.

What happens when you’re lucky enough to have both?

When you have two illnesses that are so interconnected, it’s hard to know where one stops and the other begins. How do we get ourselves through this time of year, when it’s full of triggering and difficult situations, and many of our healthcare support systems are taking a well-deserved break?The answer to this problem is to tackle it step by step – there are so many aspects to your eating disorder and diabetes that it would be ridiculous to expect yourself to conquer your challenges in one go!


“Should you be eating that?”
“Aren’t you diabetic? “
“That’s a lot on your plate”
“You’re eating nothing!”

These comments are hard enough when you have diabetes, but add in an eating…

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