Just like Stacey

Tonight as I watched The Bachelor and got lost on the #actuallydiabetic tag on tumblr, I stumbled upon this article – “What The Baby-Sitters Club Taught Me About My Disease”

For those of you that aren’t Gen Y and weren’t obsessed with The Baby-Sitters Club as a child (i.e. 99% of you), there is a character in there called Stacey, and Stacey had type 1 diabetes.

In primary school, I was obsessed with these books. My frenemy in Grade 1 had every single one, and I was seething with jealousy. I would go over to her house and instead of playing, I would sit in a corner and devour each one. Looking back, that may be a reason I wasn’t the most popular seven year old – what a bore!

Anyway, Stacey was my favourite. I was entranced by her perm (she had a PERM guys, I didn’t even know what that was but I knew it must be cool), she was POPULAR and FASHIONABLE and from NEW YORK but she had a SECRET. Stacey kept her diabetes secret from her friends in the first few books, and I remember being fascinated by this disease. I distinctly remember taking a safety pin from Mum’s sewing box and poking myself with it, wondering how Stacey must feel having to inject herself all the time. She was always my favourite, even though I knew I was (like the author of the article) much more of a quiet Mary Anne or a bossy Kristy.

How’s that for foreshadowing? Ten years later, at seventeen years old, I sat in a hospital bed in the ER and was told that I had type 1 diabetes. I think it’s a real reflection on the true loser I am that one of my first thoughts as soon as I was left alone was “Oh my god, I’m just like Stacey”

Look at her PERM and the SCRUNCHIE! She was so cool guys!  Good choice with the lunch tray as well, solid 3 exchanges!

Look at her PERM and the SCRUNCHIE! She was so cool guys!
Good choice with the lunch tray as well, solid 3 exchanges!

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