#actuallydiabetic and art that stays with you.

This hashtag is one of millions on the blogging site tumblr, and it’s full of hundreds of type 1 young people, just sending our thoughts off into the internet, reblogging each other’s syringe and pump selfies, and basically supporting each other in a way that is uniquely our generation i.e. 90s babies.

While scrolling through the posts tonight, I happened upon these pictures that I LOVE.

fridge pumpfinalll

Credit: Erin Lux - erin-lux.tumblr.com http://www.inprnt.com/gallery/erinlux/

Credit: Erin Lux – erin-lux.com/insulin

It’s created by Erin Lux  in a series called insulin. It’s simple, makes me feel something, and stays with me. Now, I’m not an art critic, but I think that’s what art is meant to do. The insulin in the butter compartment, my pump lying next to me as I sleep, testing in your own little bubble as the world carries on around you…these images are snapshots of my life with diabetes – simple, understated, and a constant.

2 responses to “#actuallydiabetic and art that stays with you.

  1. These are awesome! What a beautiful visual look into daily life as a diabetic!

  2. I smile whenever I see these pictures. They’re fantastic! It’s also nice to see the “little things” of a diabetic’s life portrayed in art.

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