They’re taking over.

Who is taking over?

The anti-food brigade. The I Quit Sugar brigade.  The paleo brigade. The “gluten is evil” brigade. Every bloody brigade that takes its food philosophy from an uneducated and unqualified celebrity “health expert”.

A google search does not a health expert make.

This way of thinking is taking over the minds of the people that are in my life. A close friend told me she was going off fruit, “because of the sugar”. Someone else told me that gluten is “poisonous”, and that eating dairy “kills you slowly from the inside”. The amount of times I have bitten my tongue when I’m sitting in a  group of people discussing food is huge – the fact that my tongue is still attached speaks volumes of the self control I have exerted.

I leave the room. I change the subject, I sink into myself and focus on my phone – I do everything I can to distance myself from it, but when it’s sneaking through my environment like a particularly noxious fog, it gets harder and harder to ignore.

I just get so FRUSTRATED – they are taking this “knowledge” from people who don’t know what they’re talking about! It irks me more because I have no choice but to know exactly what I’m eating – the only people that are more educated than me about the stuff on my plate are dietitians. I have countless rants with a dietitian friend of mine about this subject – why do people feel the need to ignore years of research into food, which essentially says “everything in moderation”, and instead eat in  a way that is essentially a crash diet? Why would you willingly create a disordered eating pattern for yourself?

Additionally, what is it about these diets that make them want to tell you about the evils of whatever you’re eating? They’re like food missionaries, determined to convert you! Leave me alone, what you put in your mouth is your business, I don’t care.

I want them to take food as food – it is there to nourish you, and to enjoy. I don’t have that choice, I have to know what is in everything to dose myself correctly.

Stop telling me that my apple is full of sugar, or that carbs are bad for me. Stop talking about how fat you are when you weigh 20kgs less than I do, and how fat people are ‘disgusting’. Stop telling me that illnesses can be cured by cutting out sugar. Just stop, take a breath, and choose to eat intuitively and with no analysis.

You have that choice, so make it.

One response to “They’re taking over.

  1. Beautifully and eloquently put! Thank you.

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