Yes I can eat that!

Who went to Miss Marples, ordered a hot fudge caramel sundae, and ended up with a blood sugar reading of 6.6 ninety minutes later? This gal. Just call me Wonder BGL Woman. 

I had no idea it would be that huge, and granted I only finished half of it, BUT I tucked into it with my pump on my hip, and an intentional disregard for how many carbs and calories were in my lunch. I don’t care, let me enjoy the taste and my external pancreas will take care of the rest! 

This week, dig into something that you are told is “bad” for diabetics to eat, and observe how happy you feel. My feet have not fallen off yet from my Wednesday treat, so I think you should be ok!  

One response to “Yes I can eat that!

  1. Nice! Very nice! And if you liked that you should go to The Hopetoun Tea Room in the Block Arcade.

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