Diabetes NINJA

(Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been overseas on an intense study placement and didn’t have time to breathe!)

So I’ve recently started cheerleading! I thought it was time to stop watching “Bring It On” on repeat and try it out before I get too old.

It was my second training tonight, and I’ve been wearing my pump clipped to my sports bra like I do in dance and calisthenics. I thought that would be ok…IT WAS NOT OK.

So we’re doing jumps, and we’re doing a “herkie”, which looks like this.


We’re on a spring floor, and I got really excited because I’ve spent the best part 18 years on hard floorboards! The coach shouts “and 1,2,3,4”, I jump ridiculously enthusiastically and MY PUMP GOES FLYING.


For about a millisecond it dangled there, somewhere near my crotch (shout out to Animas Inset IIs for staying stuck to my belly even when it was dangling completely unsupported). As I came down, I grabbed it with the hand that wasn’t up near my head and stuffed it back into my bra, cleanly snapping back to “8!”, with no-one the wiser.

I don’t want to brag, but I felt as cool as this dude. 

ImageNinja diabetic, at your service.

Moral of the story, pump is coming OFF for cheerleading! 

3 responses to “Diabetes NINJA

  1. And nobody noticed? Wow!

    I know a T1 who is a cheerleader and she also has found it difficult to do it with a pump. (I guess what you describe, as well as being thrown in the air and caught at the infusion site, has something to do with it. I’m really not all that knowledgeable when it comes to cheerleading). She’s now splitting her basal, part by pump, part by Lantus … that way she doesn’t need to worry about the pump being disconnected (or ripped out) for too long and risking DKA. Have you heard of this? Any othert tips or tricks you could share, that work for you?

    • that’s such a good idea!! I don’t have any tricks really, I’ve always just taken it off for dance competitions, and only when I’m on stage, but I’ve discovered that it will have to come off at training too – I think I might have to pay a visit to my educator…this girl doesn’t have a blog does she?

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