Resolutions…sort of.

I’m a Bridget Jones when it comes New Years Resolutions. I firmly believe they should start on the second of January, and I usually break them on the third, with excuses like “it’s still 2013 somewhere. v. good effort.”

So, learning from my past experiences, this year I have decided to set little (a.k.a. achievable) diabetes related goals. No huge ones, like GET YOUR A1C DOWN TO 5.5. Just ones that I’ll be able to tackle slowly.

Resolution One: Stop making up your numbers.
I’m a shocker. I will test before breakfast, then usually not test again, or maybe test once, until dinner. I’m always on the go in the middle of the day, my tester is always buried at the bottom of my massive bag, so I usually have a thought process like “Well I was 8 this morning and I had vegemite toast but it was white bread so I’m probs like 12.” I need to respect my health enough to take 20 seconds to test. The world will not end.

Resolution Two: Remove yourself from food talk and do what is best for you
Low carb, no carb, schmo carb. I’ve spent the past 3 years walking through an environment which is constantly triggering, and to tell the truth I don’t particularly care. I eat like a normal person, and I will continue to just carry on eating a balanced diet. I will not weigh my food, cut out fruit ‘because of all that sugar’ (FFS! Biggest pet peeve right there!) or stay below 50g of carbs a day, because that shit is triggering, and I would rather be healthily rolling through life than end up sick.

Resolution Three: Don’t push yourself through hypos.
This year, I’m not going to say “I’m fine!” while trying to keep it together at 2.7. People know I’m diabetic, it’s not like a low blood sugar is a surprise. Hey, it might even be educational for them to see me not looking 100%…sit down, treat, and just accept that you can’t control your body all the time.

I’m looking forward to this year – I’ve found a great group of people to start up an organisation for diabetics with eating disorders in Australia and New Zealand, I’m in my last year of my undergraduate degree, and I’m much more confident in telling people to f*** right off if they feel the need to comment on my diabetes. Here’s to 2014.

2 responses to “Resolutions…sort of.

  1. Go you! I love reading your blog Georgie- your strength inspires me and helps with the fears I carry around for my type 1 6-year old daughter. She’s having a tough time with mean girls already! If she grows up anything like you I’ll be very proud. And.. Here’s the mum in me talking- putting yourself first is SO important. I’m glad you’re going to take care of yourself this year. Pushing through a 2.7 hypo? You’re crazy lady!! 😉

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