Wordless (ish) Wednesday

Wordless (ish) Wednesday

Used the IDF World Diabetes Congress as an excuse to buy a blue dress off ASOS during a lecture.
Get dress, realise I can’t hide pump.
Realise I will be with diabetics or HCPs for the entire time.

4 responses to “Wordless (ish) Wednesday

  1. I think it looks really fabulous there! Because of its colour it just fits so well!

    However, if you did want to hide it, maybe you could get something to strap it to your thigh? The bottom of the dress has a bit of flare so if you wanted to hide it another time, there is that option. Looks really fab though 🙂

  2. Yes I was thinking that! It did show a little bit when I strapped it to my thigh, I think I’ll keep experimenting with straps and stuff too 🙂

  3. Beautiful dress! So, I second the thigh thing. I’ve used mine on multiple occasions. It may sound a little risqué (and risky at that), but what about popping it into your lingerie and medical taping it to yourself? Don’t know. I’ve always just used the thigh thing – you can bling it out…

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