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Wordless (ish) Wednesday

Wordless (ish) Wednesday

Used the IDF World Diabetes Congress as an excuse to buy a blue dress off ASOS during a lecture.
Get dress, realise I can’t hide pump.
Realise I will be with diabetics or HCPs for the entire time.


Diabetes and delicious cocktails

“Oxymoron much?” I hear you say, as you shake your head and pass me over another gin and tonic.

No my friends. In just under two weeks the JDRF Young Leadership Committee are having our launch party, and I’m using this blog as a way to reach you all and get you to come along.

This isn’t just any launch party. Oh no. It’s a cocktail competition! Get on down to the Carlton Club on the 16th of October to watch some of the best bartenders in Melbourne battle it out to come up with the wackiest, most original and tastiest cocktail, and win the auspicious Jimmy Dub Prize.

“But what is the Jimmy Dub Prize?” I hear you gasp in awe as you admire the finely crafted invitation below and fantastic value for money.

The Prize and the competition are in honour of the late James “Jimmy Dub” Whittington. Jimmy Dub worked in some of Melbourne’s best bars before he tragically died from Type 1 Diabetes in 2010 at the age of 27. Jimmy Dub was known for his love of out-of-the-box cocktails and his passion for pushing the envelope. 

It’s $55, which includes food, entry and two drinks…and ALL FUNDS RAISED go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, so basically you get good karma for the next three million years, help find a cure for Type 1 diabetes, and thus I’ll stop leaving my blood test strips in your car/at your house/in your tights (it’s happened before).

Buy tickets here , check out the facebook event here , and dress for the occasion! 🙂