Monthly Archives: August 2013

Really? REALLY?!

So not even a week ago I booked my Study Abroad trip – 4 weeks in France, 6 weeks in Italy…

Today I’ve had two separate emails about my diabetes.

The co-ordinator in France is asking for a medical certificate because she doesn’t think I can travel on my own without a medical certificate verifying that I can. 
Yes, because those four months backpacking through Europe with diabetes doesn’t prove that I can do it. It’s much better to get a medical certificate from a specialist who sees me every 6 months and only looks at a graph with numbers. (sense the sarcasm)

The health insurance my uni provides on Study Abroad says I must be ‘fit to travel’, but doesn’t say what ‘fit to travel’ ACTUALLY means. The office is being supremely unhelpful and no-one seems to care that I’ve just spent thousands on dollars on something I may not even be allowed to go on. 

I understand that they need a medical certificate for insurance reasons and have to cover their arses, but FUCK it’s just so annoying!! I would give anything to just do what 99% of my friends do and just jet off with the normal worries of safety and cost. I have so much desire to travel and experience new things, and time after time diabetes gets in my bloody way. I didn’t have insurance at all when I left for the UK…they wouldn’t cover me because I hadn’t had it for 12 months…well excuse me, let me just scold my tardy pancreas, why did you not fail in January 2010 instead of March? Inconsiderate.

I just miss the freedom I used to have. I want the freedom my friends have. I HATE that every single time I leave the country I have to FIGHT to show strangers that I’m a normal human being who is not going to drop dead on them. 


Woah wait what? How did I get here?

In the past two days I’ve fired off about a million emails, regarding JDRF committee stuff, Diabetes Australia stuff and general diabetic friend stuff. I’m speaking at the DA Young Leaders Launch in a few weeks (so excited, thank you DA VIC!), and just had someone hunt down my personal tumblr (that’s a blogging site Dad) to ask how she could get involved with the JDRF YLC.

I’m sitting in an incredibly boring lecture (on essay writing skills, please kill me) right now and it all just hit me – where in the world would I be now if I hadn’t gotten diabetes?

Getting involved was how I started to come to terms with my diagnosis, and it’s honestly been the best thing I’ve ever done. The passion that I have for trying to kick diabetes’ arse usurps the passion I had for my house at high school (if you knew me back then, that’s a whole lot of passion!).

Where would I be without it? Obviously I still hate diabetes with my entire being, but I don’t think I would have pushed myself out of my comfort zone so much.

The type 1 diabetes community is special – you instantly have this weird kind of bond with complete strangers. It’s more than a “Oh, you’re also a Taurus?” bond – diabetes is a demanding physical disease, and before you know it you’re having conversations about that time your pump site was a gusher and bled all over your pants.

I’ve met so many great people, and am getting so many incredible opportunities to actually do something to help people within this community, and for that I’m so grateful!

Thank you for welcoming me with open arms into your community Type Ones, hopefully I can start to help you just as much as you’ve helped me!