confidence. finally.

ImageI wanted to post this photo because it shows how far I’ve come since April and getting my insulin pump. Last night (we went night swimming at St. Kilda beach to escape the heat) was the first time I hadn’t tried to hide my insulin pump from sight.

I always clip it onto my bra, so it doesn’t draw attention to the fact that I’m any different. I’ve had to wear it in my pocket  couple of times and I was so self conscious I wanted to cry. Anyway, I had borrowed my friend’s togs, and unlike my togs there was no room to put it in the bikini top, so I sucked it up and clipped it to my bottoms.

And you know what? It felt really good 🙂 It was even an impromptu clock.

I need to work on convincing myself that it’s ok to be a little bit different. Nobody is going to yell out ‘WHATTA FREAK’ if they see my pump. To be honest they’ll probably just say something like ‘Wow that is the oldest mp3 player I’ve ever seen’.

Yay confidence!

3 responses to “confidence. finally.

  1. You’re AWSOME, Georgie! Well done 🙂 xxoo

  2. I LOVED reading your post! I’m a T1 pump wearer too and what I’ve realised is that its all about how you feel about it… you ignore it and others don’t even notice! Also you can make some great connections with others who know T1s or re T1. Well done you! I will be sharing your story! X

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