I’ve taken the plunge…

…and created a blog with a focus on diabetes! I’ve wanted to create one since I was diagnosed but there was always a voice in my head saying ‘Why? Why would people want to read about you whinging about your crappy pancreas and your injection bruises?”

I still don’t know why people would choose to read it, but writing has always helped me sort through my emotions, thoughts and feelings. There is something about getting your thoughts down onto a page that make everything seem a whole lot clearer! Stalking websites, forums and blogs with ‘type 1 diabetes’ in the tags not only helped me through the first horrible months of diagnosis, it also gives me a whole new group of friends. Diabetes is a little part of my life, as there is so much more to me than a shitty pancreas, but at the same time it is a huge part of my life, a 24/7 job that I can’t source out to anybody else. The online community and the afore mentioned stalked-to-death blogs give me a whole family to fall back on when I want to talk to someone about this aspect of my life.

Friends and family try to understand, and are super supportive, but there is nothing like talking to another person who knows EXACTLY how it feels when Lantus burns, or how much it hurts when a pump set shoots into muscle, or the hilariousness of diabetic jokes. I want to make my little (Aussie) dint on this fantastic online community, have a place to talk about the bad (and good!) times with this disease, and hopefully gain more friends through this fantastic online community we have.


SO, after that long winded introduction, I’ll leave you all with a picture of the MedAlert bracelet I ordered today. I decided to get one to give myself (but mostly my parents) a little peace of mind.


-If I hypo while I’m out , people are going to look at the 20 something woman stumbling around crying and slurring, and think I’m just an emotional drunk 😉 My friends may be completely smashed/I could have wandered away in a hypo trance.
– I run. A lot. Sometimes I hypo, and sometimes they’re bad ones where I have to sit down, put my head between my knees and concentrate on staying conscious. I’m a bit of a fainty hypo person, so if I happen to faint during my morning run I want someone to know that I’m diabetic and act accordingly.

Really, it’s a case of better safe than sorry! My friend Paige (my first friend with diabetes guys!! Diabuddies!!) who lives in QLD has had one since she was a little girl, and it saved her life in June during a marathon! It’s cute, I’ll wear it everywhere willingly 🙂


5 responses to “I’ve taken the plunge…

  1. Awesome I have needed this seeing as I don’t know anyone like me!

    One question: how do you run? Like I’ve always wanted to take it up but don’t know where to put a hypo kit and my meter??

    • Yay glad you found it!
      I have these awesome lulu lemon leggings that have pockets that fit my glucotabs and my meter. they zip up so nothing falls out. before I got them I used to just stuff them down my bra 🙂

  2. OMG thankyou! I have been waiting for this sort of answer for way too long

  3. I’ve had diabetes since i was 5, thats 20 years now. I have never been one to wear a medical alert. I just read this blog and purchased one off etsy. Keep writing Georgie, your stories are entertaining, inspiring and hit home often. Michelle. x

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